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Baltimore Applique (8x8)

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Ever since I created the 4 inch Baltimore Applique sets, I have wanted to do a larger set where the designs would fill an 8 inch block, so here it is. I stitched these out on white fairy frost fabric and it sets off the colors beautifully. I am NOT a quilter so I took my blocks into a quilt program and arranged them so you could see how they will look in a quilt. Baltimore quilts are often made totally square with 25 blocks, so when you order this set, I am sending you an extra set of 9 full blocks to add to or interchange with these. I can see these also being used in Christmas decorations on jackets or sweatshirts as they are full of the traditional red and green colors. The train below is one of the steam locomotives currently in use between Coshocton and Sugarcreek, Ohio... my husband, Randy, was able to take a ride in it and it's historical value is very special to those of us who live in this area. Please send me pictures of the items you make with these designs... I would love to put them up for others to see. Enjoy! There is a stitch and color chart below so PLEASE make sure that these designs will fit your hoop.

Enjoy! Creatively yours, Wendy

Baltimore 8 Quilt
There is a stitch and color chart below for the 8 inch size, so PLEASE make sure that these designs will fit your hoop.

These are my actual stitchouts... variegated threads look awesome with these designs!!!

Baltimore Applique Set(8x8) Designs: $39.95
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Should you wish to purchase just a few designs from this set, just write to me at the address below and request
the design by the name from the size chart below. Individual designs are $5.00 each.

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Size & Color Chart for 8 inch set
Baltimore color chart Baltimore color chart

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